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Hartland (1-1)
John Glenn W 17-16
Brighton L 21-49
Canton -
Grand Blanc -
Salem -
Novi -
Stevenson -
Howell -

Hartland (3-6)
Novi L 28-49
Salem L 25-38
Canton L 21-35
Howell L 13-21
Milford W 48-28
Pinckney L 0-19
Brighton L 3-17
Grand Blanc W 31-28
WL Central W 27-15

Hartland (6-3)
Grosse Point North W 34-12
Canton L 21-27
Howell L 27-45
Milford W 39-7
Pinckney W 52-14
Brighton W 14-7
Grand Blanc W 30-27
WL Western L 3-28
Salem W 31-20

Hartland (7-3)
Grosse Point North W 26-7
Canton W 24-21
Howell L 21-28
Milford W 50-14
Pinckney W 34-14
Brighton W 24-7
Grand Blanc W 29-26
WL Western L 14-31
Salem W 15-6
Grand Ledge
L 0-14

Hartland (3-6)
AA Skyline L 10-28
John Glenn W 37-28
Howell L 12-14
Milford W 23-22
Pinckney L 12-24
Brighton L 33-49
Grand Blanc L 7-17
WL Central L 17-24
WL Central W 27-10

Hartland (8-2)
AA Skyline W 42-19
John Glenn W 47-13
Howell W 24-12
Milford W 16-7
Pinckney W 19-7
Brighton W 35-14
Grand Blanc W 34-22
WL Northern L 52-55
Thurston W 37-13
Playoffs: CC L 15-21

Hartland (4-5)
AA Skyline L 25-28
Franklin W 15-6
Howell L 13-20
Milford L 14-24
Pinckney W 25-17
Brighton L 9-20
Grand Blanc L 6-28
Kettering W 34-14
Ypsi Lincoln W 14-13

Hartland (6-4)
AA Skyline W 64-26
Franklin L 0-27
Howell W 26-21
Milford L 31-35
Pinckney W 21-13
Brighton W 35-28
Grand Blanc L 17-35
WL Northern W 30-6
Ypsi Lincoln W 37-13
Playoffs: Holt L 16-41

Hartland (4-5)
Churchill W 31-7
South Lyon East W 55-6
Grand Blanc L 14-45
Brighton L 13-47
Milford W 42-41
Howell L 13-48
Pinckney W 29-28
WL Western L 33-40
Franklin L 8-19

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: April 24, 2016

How can I get involved with sponsoring Hartland Football?
Email your interest to

I want to play football. What do I do?
Contact Coach Savage at

Are workouts mandatory?
No, but they are highly encouraged.

What is 7 on 7?
7 on 7 is a Passing Camp for backs, receivers, linebackers & defensive backs.

Are there tryouts?

When is the season?
The season begins on August 8, 2016, and runs through October 2016. Playoffs culminate on Thanksgiving weekend.

When does football start?
The 2016 season begins Monday, August 8 with double sessions (two-a-days). Practice time begins on the field, ready to start at 3:00 pm and runs until 8:30 pm(ish) for all levels.

What do I need for practice?
Prior to 3:00pm, August 8, all players MUST have a current (dated after April 15, 2016) physical on file in the athletic office or in your head coach’s hands to be allowed to participate in practice. All players must have a practice jersey, football cleats (detachable plastic or molded plastic-no metal, right), and a mouth guard. Water is available but your own large water jug is highly recommended.

Can players go home for dinner/break between sessions?
No. Players should bring their own lunch/dinner to eat between sessions and will eat/take break with teammates on or near the practice field or fieldhouse.

Does the practice schedule stay the same after school begins?
No. Practice begins after school (on the field, ready to start at 3:00pm) and ends usually about 6 pm.

Are players expected to maintain a certain GPA?
Yes. Players must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above.